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dl landscape

dl landscape


Have been quiet recently with the birth of my first child and my studio still not inhabitable since I moved rooms. So, as an apology here is an invite to a great stencil exhibition in Upwey. Great excuse for a trip out of the city.


Rita Tse is currently curating some of my work for the window display at The Gallery, Bayside Art & Cultural Centre.  Here is a sneak peek.
Am loving the street-scape reflections. Feels like the creatures are enjoying some dandy flaneur-ing.
In a 4th window there will be some stop-motion movies of the mix n match creatures from ‘Two x Two = Weird’.

If you are in the area, drop by and have a look.
Gallery is located at the corners of Carpenter & Wilson St, Brighton.

art without waste cover

I am very excited to announce that some of my work has been included in this new publication ‘Art without waste: 500 upcycled and earth-friendly designs’. I have a copy on its way and can’t wait to see how everything looks.

For a sneak preview of some of the other interesting inclusions or to order a copy, see their Facebook page





100 CATS
A Group Exhibition in support of Ingrid’s Haven. We will be collecting provisions and donating proceeds to Ingrid’s Haven – a not for profit, no kill, cat shelter. The shelter needs cat toys, treats, soft bedding, wet food and high quality dry food (please do not bring super market dry food because of the high salt content in it which destroys the kidneys). Please bring your donations with you to the gallery.  www.ingridshaven.net.au

We’d like to thank The Cat Motel for their support. If you purchase an artwork, your name will go into the draw to win a $100 voucher for your cat to stay at The Cat Motel. www.thecatmotel.com.au
In ancient Egypt cats were considered to be sacred, with the goddess Bastet often depicted in cat form, taking on the war-like aspect of a lioness.  Ancient religions believed that cats are exalted souls, companions or guides for humans that they are all-knowing but are mute so they cannot influence decisions made by humans. In Japan, the Maneki-neko is a cat that is a symbol of good fortune. Freyja, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility in Scandinavian mythology, is depicted as riding a chariot drawn by cats. Likewise, many cultures have negative superstitions about cats. There is a belief that a black cat crossing one’s path leads to bad luck, or that cats are a witch’s familiar, used to augment that witch’s powers and skills.  Today, cat lovers obsessively share photos of their beloved felines on various social media sites sparking the internet craze of cats like Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow and Cooper.

Friday 5 September  6pm – 9pm

5 – 19 September 2014

Aaron Billings | Barek | Basak Savcigil | Cameron Brideoake | Caragh Brooks | Caroline Lejeune | Chantelle Key | Charlie Chamma | Christiana Aprozeanu | Damien van Ewijk |David Lee Pereira | DEV | Dirty Feminist | Dominik Krupinski | Eddie Botha | Emily Wright | Emma Hampton | Erin Greer | Ero | Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison | Ha-Ha | I & the Others | Jacqueline Gwynne | Kat Scarlet | Kirsty Fletcher | Launa Winship | Liam Snootle | Lilly Lowrey | Liz Gridley | Lobster Juice | Lorena Monsalves | Luka Va | Marcomatic |Marta Tesoro | Matto Lucas | Minela Krupic | Mitch Vane | Mulga | Nareeda Lewers | OOKNOW | Rebecca Nanfro | Ryan McGennisken | Sally Land | Shawn Lu | Sian Song | Skye Williams | Suzannah Griffith | Tayla Broekman | Thirty60 | thepeatreecollective | Tony Tran | Trish Leone | Tristan Davies


Off the Kerb
Gallery & Studios
66B Johnston Street
Collingwood 3066
Thurs | Fri 12.30pm-6:00pm
Sat | Sun 12:00-5:00pm
T   (03) 9077 0174
M  0400 530 464
E    info@offthekerb.com.au
W  www.offthekerb.com.au


100 cats invite_front 100 cats invite_back

For those of you in Melbourne, come along for the opening of this great group show at Off The Kerb. Friday 5th September, 6 – 9 pm.


Just ask Time Out review

And a sneak preview of some of the works.

K Fletcher_OTK_Offerings 1 Part of my work: ‘Offerings (3 No. Dissected Rats)’

the peatree collective by The Pea Tree Collective (above)

Haha_Shini and cat

by Ha ha / Regan Tamanui (above)

Tayla Broekman by Tayla Broekman (above)

Emma Hamptonby Emma Hampton (above)

Lorena Monsalves by Lorena Monsalves (above)



100 CAST_names

Shini at the excellent Off the Kerb Gallery in Collingwood is organising a group show for their 100th show.

100 cats!
So much feline fabulous-ness.

Opening Friday 5th September 6 – 9pm.
More details and photos to follow.

10247260_643427285710621_5545385267842231175_n What a great opening night at Off the Kerb..
Fabulous show – thank you and congratulations to Shini and curator Dan Dealy. My photos of the evening are a disaster so I have, once again, borrowed liberally from Facebook (this time courtesy of Maggie Bird – thank you).

More of the antics here and all of the art works here.
Show is on until 25th April.

10177461_643428412377175_8166578412768371228_n 1236887_643428389043844_148788461381928080_n

Some really great pieces on show at Off the Kerb’s 7th birthday show – on now. A particular favourite of mine was these over-sized cardboard box spider figures by Luke Boslem. They have been fantastically installed in the terrace-house stairs of the gallery.

11-4-2014 00211-4-2014 00311-4-2014 009

Liam Milner

Liam Milner

Bit of a sneak preview of some of the works in the CREATurE group show opening tomorrow night at Off the Kerb. Curated by Dan Dealy. (Thanks Shini – have liberally borrowed from Facebook!)

More info here.

Mulga The Artist, Regan Tamanui, Robert Jenkins, Dev Ravenga and Nick Wheeler

Mulga The Artist, Regan Tamanui, Robert Jenkins, Dev Ravenga and Nick Wheeler

Luke Boslem

Luke Boslem

Robert Jenkins

Robert Jenkins

Paul Dew and Erin Greer

Paul Dew and Erin Greer


The fabulous Off the Kerb gallery is celebrating their birthday with a CREATurE themed group show.
Opening night is Friday 11th April, in Collingwood.

After a lengthy time away from the cardboard I have adapted my Noah’s Ark piece and it is included in this show. Think it’ll be a few more months before I am back in the studio, so am excited to have been selected for this show. Great line-up of artists. Should be a fantastic exhibition.

Hope Melburnian’s can swing by.

Ensemble Front pair

Prototypes and animations top test the motion.
Click on the image to see them move.


Oh and this is my 150th blog post! Wow! Glad it is all wizz, bang and cartwheels!

Claw pinwheels_front


Photos of the Crab claw windmills.

P1140084_ADJ P1140091_ADJP1140102_ADJ

dwg 2Well it’s been a long while between posts but here are some animations of the Fiddler Crab windmills I have been working on.

crab dwg 1


Bit of mix n match. Click on the image if they are not moving.
Click here for the exhibition photos.


Click on the image to see an angry cam-o-dile.

cross_1cross_5 cross_4 cross_2

New photos of an old work. Previously have only posted progress photos so here are the three elephants and yellow bird with a metcard cross finished.


01_web02_web03_web04_web 05_web 06_web 07_web 11_web12_web08_web 09_web 10_webSpent the last heat wave making polar bears. Am really happy with how expressive they are so am posting about a trillion photos. Is a pictorial story of 3 bears with only 2 fish!

tell-tail 1A tail-telling sign that a kitten is in your match box…

tell-tail 4


Have collected a handful of match boxes, so am having a bit of a play with them. Oh and still transfixed with this simple stop-frame animation technique. Click on the image to make it move.

Can finally show you Chester in action.
For more Chester photos see here and for animations of my work click here and here.



Have improved a few of my earlier movies.
Now that I have the technical side worked out will try and show a few more of my pieces in motion.

Click on a photo to see the animation on it’s own.


blog_itty bitty kitty_circle_redblog_itty bitty kitty_circle_greyblog_itty bitty kitty_circle_yellow

Three more itty bitty kitty fabrics.

New fabric designs at spoonflower.

Made from Melbourne tram tickets, this design is based on Wanda Gag’s ‘Millions of Cats’ book and my Itty Bitty Kitty Machine artwork (seen here and here).

blog_itty bitty kitty_blue blog_itty bitty kitty_pinkblog_itty bitty kitty_greenblog_itty bitty kitty_yellow blog_itty bitty kitty_redblog_itty bitty kitty_blue too

I am in the process of uploading all of the colour permutations (hope to finish today). In the interim feel free to vote in this week’s warmable pillow competition.

(Can’t help it – I am a sucker for entering a competition!)

fat qtr itty bitty pillow-yellow

Spoonflower fabric competition is open for voting now.




Well, one of my new year’s resolutions is to try designing fabric from  cardboard collages. I have a first attempt uploaded at Spoonflower.This was made salvaged cardboard (of course) and the office photocopier.


I have submitted it as a part of the upcoming weekly design competition that starts this Friday (15th Feb). The theme is ‘African inspired’ materials. My final design (below) is okay for a first attempt.


The inspiration for the design was to emulate the bright colours and patterning of popular African fabrics and bring in elements of contemporary designs like Afrocoffee’s fabulous ‘No Money No Ladies’ and recycled paper bowls.

Still a way to go yet but at least I have made a start!

african influences

Web_2 deer

Following on from my last post, I have modified the neon deer so they are wall mounted and have some green sushi grass to frolic in. These 2 works and some Flamingos Au-go-go will be a part of the 40 x 40 BSG show opening Wed 19th December.

To everyone who can’t make it to Fitzroy next week – an enormous thank you for your support throughout the year and hope you all have a great summer and enjoy the festive period.

I look forward to more art adventures with you in 2013.

Web_0 deer 3 Web_0 deer 2Web_2 diff deer

green grass deer_sarah

As the end of the year draws near, these deer are moving to green pastures and will be on show at Brunswick Street Gallery’s 40 x 40 show.

Opening night Wed 19th Dec from 6pm.

Big thank you to everyone who came along.


Am back in the studio, so new works soon.


Plaid pants made from tampon boxes.

Two x two = weird.  An old tail with new beginnings.

Big thanks to everyone who came along to red gallery last night for the opening of my new show. I really enjoyed catching up with everyone and had a great night.

Centered on a mix ‘n’ match Noah’s Ark procession, Kirsty Fletcher’s new exhibition is a mutant safari of cardboard creatures inspired by current fashion trends and crafty DIY projects involving children’s toys.

Animals in tampon box plaid pants exist amongst hybrid rocking kangaroos, deer in neon socks cavort next to a fluorescent camel caravan. Fletcher’s works mythologise both the everyday and the monumental experiences in her life, drawing the viewer into a fantastical world of make-believe.

Recently, for Monument Create A Date Matt Wilkinson and I designed a barstool. Our creation is a hanging gardens of babylon, 70’s, local materials extravaganza.

The macrame-inspired, knotted cane frame has a long, curved glass terrarium of ferns and moss threaded through the back at shoulder height and a soft camel leather cushioned seat. We wanted to create a chair that accomodated the contradictory functions of a bar stool: the flirty act of display and the covert location from which to observe. The oval opening frames the occupant while the enclosed shape  allows one to nestle back into quiet, verdant secrecy.

Neon flamingos in progress.

More information on the Red Gallery website.

These currently look like butterfly wings but they are actually the beginning of neon blankets for a camel caravan.


Work on camels in progress…


‘A vicarious milestone’ as part of the Togart 12 exhibition on in Darwin at the Chan Contemporary Art Space until the 13th of October.

Catalogue of the show is on line here.

Also on my blog are close ups photos of the work, movies of it moving, and ‘in progress’ images of the making of: Kim, the crocodiles (earlier and almost complete) and the bases.

Couple of articles in great green blogs:

green upgrader and glue and glitter.

Work is all ready for installation in this year’s TOGART Contemporary Art Award show. For those in Darwin the exhibition is on 6th Sept – 13th Oct at the Chan Contemporary Art Space.

Just updated this file – click on the photo to see the animation.


A work in progress for a friend who just had a birthday…

I have improved these movies. Have a look here.


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