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Well it is winter and it is FOOTY SEASON!!!
Am back in the studio and surrounded by red balls and footy jumpers all in preparation for Red Gallery‘s group show: RED BALL – The fine art of footy.

20th July – 6th August.
Opening night Wednesday 20th July from 6pm.

Hope to see you there.


Kinetic sculpture, cardboard and felt.

Exhibited in ‘The Art of Footy’ Exhibition Group show at the London Tavern, Melbourne, 2004.

Sadly this is the only photo I stll have of this piece.

The 4 felt aussie rules balls had circular ‘o’ mouths like the clowns that you put balls into at the show.  There was a cardboard comb / stick that you pushed in at the side that made the footballs turn from side to side and they had ‘sharon’ written up their side.