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dl landscape

dl landscape


Have been quiet recently with the birth of my first child and my studio still not inhabitable since I moved rooms. So, as an apology here is an invite to a great stencil exhibition in Upwey. Great excuse for a trip out of the city.

Thought I might have a go at a couple of stencils for the Melbourne stencil festival.

So I started with an old piece:

And cut some layers. (I used my current favourite beer packaging for each of the stencils – maybe not the best idea I have ever had.)

And because really the part I like most is cutting out, I decided to try 2 stencils:

And decided I needed a mega-sized met card top layer:

And, well the results are mixed. Decided not to enter them in the festival. Will have another go when I get some spare time. Did quite a bit of air-brushing at school and so feel determined to master this… later.