This piece (made up of 3 tiles) was made in response, in part, to the City of Melbourne’s public toilet archive and, in part, to old drafting stencils of produced by caroma for use in architectural drawings. The 3 tiles, when read on their side as scrabble pieces spell P SS…

This is a photo of the work 95% complete. All of the traps were painted blue so that the letters were more apparent.

It was exhibited in 2005 as a part of a show at the City gallery in the Melbourne Town Hall that I curated in conjunction with Dr Andrew Brown-May and Nicky Adams.  The show was called Flush: the quest for Melbourne’s best public toilets in Art, Architecture and History.

The gallery has some kooky exhibitons showcasing the City of Melbourne’s archive material. Recently they have had a ‘pardon me boys’ show on the influx of american service men during WW II.

They are currently working on a webpage of previous shows. I’ll try and add the link when it is on-line.