If you are in Melbourne on Wed 15th June, come along to the opening.

BEWARE – The giant lizards are about to rumble…

Crocodiles fight dragons in a battle to the death. The prehistoric hero of the river takes on the mythical beast of the sky in a spell-binding, nail-biting bout of fire and water.

Gone are ideas of spiders, bitey insects and meat-eating plants. Instead it is lizards all the way. More pics soon.


A trio of angry snapping crocodiles.

First works fully finished for my June show at Red Gallery.

A couple of weeks ago I received 100 of these postcards courtesy of Linden Gallery. If anyone would like one, let me know your mailing address (my email address is under ‘contacts’). Already have a few address from people who are keen, so will try and get these in the post before Easter.

Making a start on works for a new show at Red Gallery in June.

Am looking at wasps and mosquitos, spiders, crocs and trogan cats, plus venus fly traps and pitcher plants. Really a collection of scary flora and fauna that might attack you in your backyard.

off the kerb gallery (on Johnson St, opposite the tote) is about to celebrate its 4th birthday with a group exhbition.  Included will be handful of my spinning ‘say it with flowers‘ and ‘mice in love‘ disks.

Opening night: 6 – 9pm Fri 1st April. Exhibiton closes Fri 22nd April.

The exhibition is called ‘Pirate Existence’ and concentrates on works utilising salvaged and found material. Artists have been asked to turn discard refuse and abandoned items into treasure.

I have just completed my kinetic crocodile piece. Five hungry crocs chasing each others tails. The disk is wall mounted and the crocs spin the waterlilies.  As they spin they flip back and forth and their jaw snap open and close.

Working on a new project. Will have some photos of the finished creatures in the next few days.

Fitzroy land snail

Mesodontrachia fitzrotana

Am putting this project on hold for the moment. Really happy with these little endangered snails but rest of the project got a bit ugly!

The new gallery, Dear Patti Smith, located on level 2 of the Patterson building on Smith St, Fitzroy is preparing for the 2nd in a series of 3-day exhibiton events. I am having some issues with links, so for more info copy and paste: http://www.dearpattismith.com/index.php?/documentation/20113-day02marshelved/

Will get these integrated asap.

The exhibition:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
open march 3, 4 + 5,  12-6pm
opening function thursday march 3, 6 – 8pm

It’s on the shelf in the studio.  Occasionally it catches the eye from its place in the corner.

Its an object of intrigue that never grew or one of those dead-end tangents.
Perhaps it was part of the process or didn’t make the exhibition cut.
…yet it lingers…

‘Shelved’ is a collection of these works.
Anonymous and untitled – these works sit beside their fellow misfits
and beautiful dead-ends.  Collectively they allude to aspects of the artist process
and experience ordinarily undeserving of exhibition.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
With works by: Adam John Cullen, Ai Yamamoto, Anna Gilby, Anna White, Ben Shepard, Bill Sampson, Brandon Hocking, Candice Cranmer, Carmen Reid, Charles Anderson, Clare Rae, Cristo Crocker, David-Ashley Kerr, Fiona Williams, Giancarlo Belviso, Hamish Innes-Brown,iredale pedersen hook, Isabelle Legge, Jemma Clark, Jeremy Bakker, Jon Butt, Jonathan Leahey, Kelly Wells, Kieran Stewart, Kiron Robinson, Kirrily Hammond, Kirsty Fletcher, Lauren Brown, Little Wonder, Louise Harper, Louise Rippert, Marika Nilsen, Michael Roper + Dan Demant, Michael White, Openhaus, Paul Gurney, Paul Mares, Paul Meates, Pippa Makgill, Rachel Ang, Rob Miller, Ross Brewin, Rozalind Drummond, Sam Stewart, Sarah Deed, Stuart Bailey, Stuart McAdam, Tai Snaith, Tim Schork/ Mesne, Toby Horrocks, Todd Anderson-Kunert, Tom Morgan, Tom Nicholson, Will Eicholtz
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I have submitted my metal and cardboard ballerinas which have thwarted me on more than one occasion and have been sitting in the rainy day pile.

For those not so interested in art, but familiar with the Patterson building, come along and see what has been done with the space. It looks fantastic. Very different to this original photo I found in the State Library’s collection: old Pattterson furniture store (circa 1905).

Here is a photo of the original picture disc by Thomas Mann Bayne for Joseph Plateau’s Phenakistiscope and my ‘Winged tribute‘ piece finished. The original picture disk is a part of the Werner Nekes collection which has all sorts of early illusion and animation pieces. The The images of the phenakistiscopes (picture disks) are located under ‘Gallery’ and then ‘Photos of the collection’.

I have yet to do some spinning experiments to see if I need to make any modifications to achieve the animation effect but am hoping it will work. I have tracked down an internet animation of the original wheel. If you scroll down to the thrid image on the left and click on the bottom right wheel you can see the rats running out of the central holes, across the disk and over the edge.

Two small spinning wheels to go with the ‘Winged tribute‘ piece.

Carta Mista

Paper: various works, varied uses…

A group show on at Anita Traverso Gallery untill the end of Feb 2011.

Included with works by Susan Buret, Nicola Moss, Onerva Utriainen, Stefan Gevers, Kim Barter, Michael Coyne, Pamela Rataj, Jenny Bolis, Jessica Wong and John Bodin are  my 3D works ‘For the Love of Shoes… ‘ and ‘Spencer and the Fish‘.

It is an eclectic, calm and crafted exhibition. My favourite works are the large, organic, geometric, mixed media pieces by Susan Buret, Michael Coyne’s photo of Brett Whiteley, Stefan Gevers’ watercolour caravans and the large paper cut of birds and plants,  ‘Searching for Sanctuary‘ by Nicola Moss.

A mouse plague exploded in my house this summer and to make matters worse they are enjoying themselves. They are in love and dancing and spinning their little hearts out.

Exhibition is currently on at Brunswick St Gallery, Fitzroy but closes this Thursday, 17th Feb at about 4pm.

This piece didn’t get finished in time to make it into the BSG show. Will finish it in the next few weeks anyway. It is a 3D versions of a spinning / picture disk where, when spun, rats run out of holes and accros the page. Here the rats also grow wings and fly away. Will post a picture of the orginal with the finished work.

These mice are actually finished and installed in the Brunswick Street Gallery, however I haven’t had a chance to photograph the finished exhitibition so thought I’d blog a few more ‘mice factory’ images. Plus they look so cute and naked all prone and in a line. As with the flying mice I really like these guys half finished and layed out like a taxidermy project. The 3 who look like they are wearing bright coloured underwear are the ballerinas (or ‘mouserinas’ as a a friend brilliantly dubbed them) and the others end up as garland dancers. Promise to blog finished photos soon.

The Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts’ annual postcard show opened on Saturday. There was a great turn out and over 1800 pieces, from about 1600 artists on display.

The prizes were also announced and I am very proud to report that my ‘itty bitty kitty machine‘ was awarded one of the 6 postcard awards. Expect to see tiny kittens made from metcards on postcards across Melbourne later this year. I will recieve 100, so if you are not in Melbourne (or want to make sure you get one) let me know and I will mail them once they are printed.

Also in the exhibition is the prototype ‘lucky cat’ from my Cats and Mice show last year at Red Gallery. The post card show runs untill the 26th of March and is well worth the visit. Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts is at 26 Acland St, St Kilda.

One leg at a time here at the mouse factory.

They will  be garland bearers and prima ballerinas.

Tissue boxes, metcard, postcards and chrissie cards made into mice.

The smallest mouse I have made yet. He is fixed to the top of a cardboard spinning top.


I think I have made 100 cogs that interlink in various groups for the new show. The smallest are about the size of a 50 cent piece and the largest are the size of a hand. I am hoping to attach them directly to the wall and have the spin in a chain.


The catalogue for last year’s Togart awards is now on-line.

Here are a few  of my favourite pieces including the winning work by Chips Mackinolty, who donated his winnings to a handfull of live music venues in the Northern Territory. There were lots of great entries and the catalogue is well worth a browse. Included is my work ‘For the Love of Shoes…‘.


Mice in love, spinning out of control…

Finally have the invites for my new show…

Come along if you are in Fitzroy at the beginning of Feb. Am currently working on a wall of cogs and mice that are all interconnected. There will be spinning flowers and summer love and ballerina mice in crazy skirts… hopefully.

Hope 2011 is a whole lot of fun for everyone…

Some happy snaps of my visit to Brunswick Street Gallery’s Small Works Exhbition. There are 2 floors full of artworks smaller than 30 x 30 cm.  Great range of works and medium and well worth a look. See previous post for gallery details or see the galleries webpage to see the art works selected by the judges: http://www.bsgart.com.au/

As I have mentioned quite a few time s already, the exhibition includes my piece ‘For the Love of Shoes…’.

Come along to the opening and prize announcements for our 2010 Small Works Prize and Exhibition.
6pm Fri 10 Dec 2010
at Brunswick Street Gallery
322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

500 artists
2000 works under 30x30x30cm

Show runs from 10 Dec 2010 to 16 Jan 2011

Includes ‘For the love of shoes…’

Melbourne City Council has a new website for their City Gallery. The small gallery located on the ground floor of the town hall has exhibitions on topics relating to Melbourne and and council’s archive material. They have had some fantatsic shows on the newspaper  boys, american sailors during the war, their lost and found collection, keeping the city clean and parking meter culture.

A few years ago I hepled curate a show called ‘Flush‘ on Melbourne’s public toilets. The city was one of the first in the world to provide public toilets and their history is fascinating. Part of the exhibiton involved artists responding to council’s toillet archive material and included my toilet scrabble pieces.

The website is through and easy to use and the content is quirky and really interesting. Well worth a look.

Here are some of the pieces I am making for my new solo show.

The show is title ‘cardboard mouse and the summer spin-sters‘ and I am making millions (maybe ?) of mice in wheels that spin and cogs that turn with flowers everywhere and generally an atmosphere of summer-time fun! The show is at the Brunswick Street Gallery and opens Friday 4th February, 2011 and runs until the 17th Feb.

After a brief hiatus I am back in the studio.

Am working towards a new show in early February and will post some images of how that is going soon. In the interum I have pieces from earlier this year in a couple of group shows. My feet shoes (For the love of shoes…) will be exhibited in the Brunswick Street Gallery’s Small Works Prize 2010. The show opens Friday 10th December, 6pm. The gallery is located upstairs at 322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.  See http://bsgart.com.au/ for more information.

Also the ‘itty bitty kitty machine’ and one of the ‘lucky cat’ statuettes are included in the Linden Gallery’s post card show early next year. This show opens 1pm-5pm Saturday 5 February 2011. The Linden gallery is situated at 26 Acland Street, St Kilda. See http://www.lindenarts.org/ for more information.

Last week of the exhibition. Closes around 4pm on Saturday 9th October.  Thought I’d try and get a few more images on-line. Most of these are happy snaps I have taken but a few of the better ones (like the lucky cats and the itty bitty kitty machine) are by my excellent photographer friend Erica Lauthier. I have taken a few movies of the pieces in motion but need to change format etc before I can post them up. Will try and do this early next week.

Installed show at Red Gallery yesterday.

Opening is tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd Sept) at 6pm.

Have started making cats eyes..

and boxes for them to peek out of.

My first solo shows opens in 2 weeks at Red gallery, Fitzroy North.

Subtitled ‘mice running wild in the hall of the cats‘ the show includes the felines and rodents I have been making. Most of the pieces are kinetic is some way or other (mice that fly and run in wheels, rats with wobble guts and cats with waving fists).

There are also 2 other shows opening on the same night (Phil Roubin and Judith Cobb ). More information on these exhibitions can be seen on the Red Gallery website.

I made these rats because I loved the look of the winged mice lying on their backs with their innards on display.

These guys are best when they are also on their backs with their tails hanging over the edge. They have wavy, mulit-coloured gizzards (hanging below their bellies in these photos) which wriggle when you turn the key.

My work ‘Heading home (for Mum’s birthday)‘ has been selected for this year’s BSG General Art Prize. The piece was exhbitied as a part of last year’s Togart awards however this is the first time it will be exhibited in Melbourne.

The winners are announced at the opening this Friday (10th Sept) and all are welcome.

For more information see the Brunswick Street Gallery website.

For anyone in Darwin, the Togart 2010 exhbition opened last week.

It is in the newly developed Chan building opposite parliament house. The exhibition includes a diverse selection of indigenous, traditional and contemporary works including my piece ‘For the love of shoes…‘ .

A bit more detail…

I like these winged mice sprawled on their backs.  I would leave them like this but it seems a bit wrong given that you can’t see the tops of the wings or make them fly in this position. Think I will make some clock-work rats based on these guys. Bigger, though, and all filled cogs and wheels and stringy bits of guts that work and squirm when you turn a key.

Bodies of the winged mice assembled with tails and front paws. Next things to be added will be the heads and the all important wings.

Little piles of parts of the flying mice ready for assembly.

Heads for the flying mice squadron.

Took the mice for a test spin on the weekend.